Highland Falls, 1973

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Do you remember the days when the earth was young

And the birth of the first light tore a hole in the universe

When nothing moved us but the wind and nothing hurt us but flame

And nothing fed us but the earth

It was you and I crowned in the her motherly bosom

Of seeded winds across lustrous pastures

And water descended of her heavens

To raise her insurmountable beauties

Of colors and tastes, it was life

Love held us in each other’s gaze

We saw an end so distant that we lay in each other arms

And rejoiced in the stars as though it was forever

And life was an interminable waterway.


All the sun long, we ran in circles on the island’s fringes

Where the earth thins until it becomes fluid and airy

Waves tossed anew upon the golden sand

And sank deep into the earth

And our sacred island was gripped smaller that very day

Love held us in the fruit of our youths

Ripe and ready for the picking and we picked it so

Each day we lived, conquering and running

Atop the heights of majestic dunes, we were rolling and laughing

Drawing the sand downward at the close of day,

And the sun was forever set into the sea.


All the moon long, it was seamless air and fire and green

And a river, murmuring like a woodland sprite

It was running, it was playful

Skipping and laughing around our fire of wood and straw

Together and back again, it was life!

Hailing from the ancient gourd in the sky

Love held us red and burning

Lucid like an inferno, we burned and raged

A hopeful beacon against the night’s eternal dark of a solitary universe,

It was you and I, the only light visible from outer space

‘till the kindle was forever damp

And the river found its eternal end in the sea.


All the dawn long, the morning lit the air violet and blue

Stars showered across the sky to flash afresh

In primordial eyes that youth allows

I swore I would mine them for your jewelry

Red and glowing, they shot from above

Setting ablaze fiery rings in fields of corn

They calloused my hands and branded your wrists

And left the fields ashen and grey

Love held us violently shaken

Descended of celestial quarters of opiate highs

Into a wasteland of fallen stars and lost children.


All the stars long, it was burning, it was raging

A thousand lovers gluttonously drinking each other

From Bacchus’s forever-filled glass

Enflaming a life of misery and blithe

Love held us scabbed and fallen in the wasteland of a neglectful God

Where people wandered nomadically

About man’s urban ozone, scavenging for food and water

And man imposed objects with sudden beginnings and harsh endings

To the earth’s elemental forces

You and I were nothing but shadows of our former selves

Back when the sun still set and rose

And the earth’s courses were seamlessly unbound.


Nowhere then I fixed my gaze but upwards at the Autumn Moon,

Born over and over, each time red and bloody,

Like juices of an orange dripping wild down my chin

Lassoing it ground-ward for you, I threw the eastern seas into wrathful tumult

Like a rabid dog flailing in the middle of the ocean

It was rage that lusted in my blood,

In a melded black of sea and sky

Washing me upon barren shores

Love left me bled and dying

To drag a corpse aimlessly to a remote grave

Though I’ve loved no one else even still.

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