About Me

If you had told 16 year old me I would be making my living as a news reporter…

…I never would have believed you.

But I caught the journalism bug—and I caught it bad—in the spring of 2016 whenThe Ithacan recruited me as their student government correspondent. Kyle, the assistant news editor asked me if I had ever written a news report before.

“No,” I said, an embarrassed English major standing in one of the most renown journalism departments in the country. “Only academic essays and some short stories.”

“That’s no problem,” he smiled. “We’ll teach you.”

During the next three months, I learned more about writing than during 12 years of public schooling. The world exploded with color and I finally had a name for myself. I am a journalist. The term became appended, not only to my email signature, but to the totality of my self. 

Justin Henry is an award-winning journalist and writer. He is the editor and founder of IC Chronicle, an on campus public affairs magazine at Ithaca College. Having previously worked on multiple writing staffs on campus including The Ithacan and Buzzsaw, he focuses on the politics and finance of higher education. He has also held a marketing internship with Gap International, a Philadelphia based consulting firm, and volunteered with Spells Writing Lab to conduct creative writing seminars with middle school students. Justin is a senior English major with a minor in writing. Click here to view resume.